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Industrial Packaging Spotlight: Foamcore

Keeping stuff safe is what we’re all about at Ohio Valley Goodwill. We’re the experts at selecting just the right packaging material for your project. One of those solutions is foamcore or foam board, which is a triple-layer foam and paper composite that’s used for framing, packaging, and mounting paintings and design work for the graphic arts industry.

Foamcore got its start in 1957 as ” Fome-Cor” produced by the Monsanto Company, and came in both 1/8-inch and 3/16-inch thicknesses. Today it’s also used to create displays, scale models, and as a general backing and packaging material for paintings, posters, and illustrations.

See how works of art are packaged using foamcore in this video from Saatichi Art:

Packaging Wrapped Canvas Artworks (Under 48″ x 48″) from Saatchi Art on Vimeo.

So what are you packaging up today? At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries we have over a century of experience that we’re ready to pack up and put to work for you. Know that when you’re choosing us you’re also selecting a motivated workforce, and supporting our greater mission of providing jobs and opportunities to members of our community. Ready to talk about your project’s packaging options? Let’s talk.