Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Inclusion Builds Strong Communities

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Ohio Valley Goodwill supports the idea that strong communities are inclusive communities. Inclusive communities recognize the value that each of their members brings to the whole. At Goodwill, we seek to extend the communities consciousness to include individuals with disabilities, homeless veterans, the youth and other historically marginalized groups. These men and women have a great deal of ability to share with the world. Goodwill and its supporters work tirelessly to craft a community capable of accepting their gifts.

Among the programs operate are our award-winning thrift-shops, which employ a large number of the individuals we work to support, as well as industrial services, outsourcing services, job training and advocacy work. Ohio Valley Goodwill is at the forefront of the movement to extend a welcoming community to all individuals in the Cincinnati area.

Our mission is funded, in part, through the important provisions of the Hamilton County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services. This crucial institution must pass a levy on  May 6, or face catastrophic budget cuts. We encourage all Hamilton residents to speak out in favor of strong and inclusive communities as they pass this levy by voting YES ON ISSUE 3. This levy will not raise taxes, and has been renewed continuously for decades. Please continue Hamilton County’s progress down the path of inclusion.