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How to Improve Customer Service in the Digital Age

Most business leaders know the importance of providing good customer service to attract and retain loyal customers. Happy and satisfied customers are likely to have strong brand loyalty and recommend the company to their family and friends. But with so many digital developments over the years, the tools and channels used in customer service have changed considerably. While face-to-face customer service is still paramount for many businesses, today’s technology makes it possible to interact and communicate with customers from thousands of miles away. In the ever-changing digital age, how can business leaders continue to provide outstanding customer service? We have a few tips to try.

Be accessible

No matter how great the products or services you offer may be, customers will be driven away if they feel that your company or business doesn’t care about them. Be sure your customers know how to reach you for their questions, comments, and suggestions. Make sure you include contact information on your website, business cards, and on your product packaging, if applicable. The more accessible you are to your customers, the more trust they will place in you and your products or services.

Keep customers in the know

Today’s customers want to have easy access to information and support. They want to be familiar with the brands they purchase from. It’s not enough to just have a ” contact us” page on your website; you will also need to make sure your customers can easily find additional information and the answers to frequently-asked-questions. Digital technology makes it easy to notify customers about new products, sales, special promotions, and other updates. From social media announcements to e-newsletters and blog posts, there are so many ways to promote your brand and ensure your customers are always informed.

Listen to feedback

Let your customers know that you are open and willing to receive their feedback. Invite them to engage and interact with you in a two-way conversation using digital technology, whether it’s through a survey, blog, or on social media. Your customers will love feeling heard and understood, and you’ll gain valuable information to help improve their experience.

Handle complaints and solve problems

Perhaps the most challenging part of customer service is effectively managing complaints and fixing problems. Many customers would prefer interacting with a human being to solve problems and address issues, rather than receiving an automatic, canned response from a company. The good news is that you don’t have to lose the personal aspect of your brand when providing customer support online. Adding a digital service like a live chat feature on your website will allow customers to receive customer support in real time, from a real person. By making it easy for your staff to respond to issues in a timely manner, you can turn a negative into a positive and ensure your customers stay happy.

Communicate throughout the shipping process

Once a customer places an order, they expect to receive updates about the status of its shipment and delivery. Make sure you provide a way for customers to track when their order is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. Today’s technology makes it possible to communicate with customers throughout every step of the fulfillment process by email, text message, and phone. Keep in mind the importance of being proactive about sharing any issues with your customers, such as a delayed order. Your customers are sure to appreciate the convenience of receiving automatic reminders and updates about their orders.

As you know, keeping your customers happy is the key to creating loyal, trusting relationships. When your customers feel satisfied and appreciated, they are more likely to make repeat purchases and encourage their friends and family to do the same. Are you looking for ways to make customer service a higher priority for your team? Instead of hiring extra workers, consider outsourcing routine, daily tasks to a third-party expert. Outsourcing will free up more time for your in-house team to focus on other aspects of the business, including providing excellent customer service.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, our Industrial Services Division specializes in business tasks such as product assembly, kitting, packaging, and order fulfillment. Our large-scale workforce of motivated individuals is able to execute projects quickly and efficiently, ensuring your business meets deadlines and exceed customers’ expectations. Our innovative approach to outsourcing saves time and reduces the overhead costs associated with renting warehouse space and hiring extra employees.

Outsourcing with Ohio Valley Goodwill is also a valuable opportunity for your business to benefit the community. A partnership with Ohio Valley Goodwill supports our mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Visit our testimonials page to read what some of our satisfied partners have said about outsourcing services from Ohio Valley Goodwill and contact us to get started today!