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New Year, New You: 10 Ways Goodwill Helps You Be Kind to the Planet

We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. Making mindful choices in our everyday lives can make a noticeable difference, and shopping at a Goodwill thrift store can contribute to sustainability in many ways.

Here are 10 ways shopping at Goodwill is planet-friendly:

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For the Earth!

#1: Reducing Waste

Buying second-hand items at an Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store gives those items a second life and reduces the demand for new products. This simple choice reduces the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.  

#2: Conserving Resources

The production of new goods requires raw materials, energy, and water. Buying second-hand items reduces the demand for new production, conserving these valuable resources.

#3: Lowering Carbon Footprint

The manufacturing and transportation of new products contribute to carbon emissions. When you buy second-hand, you’re not supporting the production and transportation of new goods, which helps lower your carbon footprint.

#4: Extending Product Lifespan

Purchasing used items extends their lifespan, preventing them from being discarded prematurely. This promotes a circular economy where products are used for as long as possible before disposal.

#5: Supporting Sustainable Practices

Ohio Valley Goodwill operates with a mission to support community and environmental initiatives. In 2022, we recycled more than 44 million pounds of donated material, cardboard, steel, and office paper. When you shop with us, you’re also supporting these efforts.

#6: Encouraging Responsible Consumption

Thrift shopping encourages a more mindful and responsible approach to consumption. Instead of buying new items impulsively, you may be more selective and only purchase what you truly need.

#7: Promoting Recycling

Goodwill thrift stores are essentially a form of recycling. Items that are no longer needed by one person can find a new home, reducing the need for new production. Ohio Valley Goodwill puts a great emphasis on recycling, ensuring we’re not adding unnecessary waste to our landfills.

Green to Go Goodwill Graphic
Green to Go Goodwill Graphic

#8: Affordable Sustainable Options

Goodwill believes sustainable living should be attainable for everyone. Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores offer affordable alternatives to new items. This makes sustainable and eco-friendly choices accessible to a broader range of people.

#9: Reducing Chemical Exposure

Some new products may contain harmful chemicals during their manufacturing process. When you buy second-hand at Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores, you’re purchasing items that have likely undergone most of their off-gassing, reducing your exposure to potentially harmful substances.

#10: Community Engagement

The Goodwill stores located throughout the Cincinnati region support our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of others through the power of work. These services and programs contribute to our local economy and support community engagement and development.

By choosing to shop at Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores, you’re actively participating in a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, making a positive impact on the planet. Find your nearest Goodwill thrift store and choose the earth-friendly way to shop!