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Puttin’ on the Ritz: How to Put Together a Classic Outfit Just in Time for Event Season!

The crisp air of fall means more than football and pumpkin patches. When the leaves start to turn, and summer vacations are behind us, it’s the perfect time to host a special event, whether it’s a wedding, a family celebration, or even an upscale fundraiser.

No matter the occasion, you’ll want to be prepared with the perfect outfit “” but spending a fortune for one-time wear just doesn’t make sense. No worries! Goodwill’s thrift stores have plenty of options for dressed-up party wear that you’ll be able to get good mileage out of if you follow a few rules of thumb. Here’s how:

Look for Classic Cuts

First, it’s important to look for cuts and styles that are completely trend-free. This is not the time to jump on the latest fashion craze. Since you’ll likely only wear this outfit once in a while, you want to choose a style that’s timeless, so you don’t look outdated moments after bringing your ensemble home.

For classic dresses, look for sheath cuts or styles with simple neck and hemlines and few frills. Men should opt for classic cut suits without cuffs or patterns.

Colorful dresses from Ohio Valley Goodwill
Colorful dresses from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Solid Colors for Solid Style

When it comes to choosing colors, keep a similar mindset. Avoid colors that come in and out of fashion favor. Similarly, avoid prints that can quickly become dated. Classic, solid colors such as black, white, navy, and red age very well and can be worn for years without looking out of fashion.

The added bonus of leaving out memorable prints and patterns is that most people won’t notice if you wear the same outfit again and again. You’ll look fabulous every time you step into a chic affair!

Accessories Add Flair

If you’re starting to worry that this approach to finding the perfect event-wear won’t allow you to put your personality on display, keep reading. This is the part where you get to have fun!

Now that you have a perfectly elegant ensemble in place, shop at Goodwill for affordable accessories that add an instant wow factor. For women, that could mean finding a knock-out pair of heels, the perfect sparkly jewelry, or a clutch that screams, ” Look at me!” Men, this is your cue to find a colorful tie and pocket square pair, or cufflinks and patterned socks that put your look over the top. These items can also be thrifted for maximum savings. Swap these accessories whenever you want to freshen your style.

This approach can not only save you time and money, but it’s also much more sustainable than buying a new outfit for every special occasion that pops up on your calendar. Thrifting at your nearest Goodwill store is the perfect solution for this event season!

What are you waiting for? Shop at Goodwill to find the look that suits you now and you’ll be ready the next time you receive an invitation!

And remember, every time you shop at Goodwill you’re supporting our nonprofit mission to change lives through the power of work, creating meaningful opportunities for individuals with disabilities, local veterans, and other job seekers right here in the Greater Cincinnati community. Now that’s a very good thing!