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How to Improve Your Business and Your Community at the Same Time

Whether they are small, medium-sized, or large, local businesses make a big impact! Locally-based businesses boost the local economy, create local jobs, and invest in the future of their communities. 

Many local businesses leaders also go above and beyond by supporting local charitable causes and non-profit organizations. Typically, this involves activities outside of their normal scope of business, such as donations or volunteering. But what if there was a way to benefit your business and support a great cause at the same time? There is “” when your business partners with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division!

Local Outsourcing with Heart

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s innovative Industrial Services Division was formed to help businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana improve business operations while creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It’s just one more way Ohio Valley Goodwill fulfills its mission to strengthen communities and change lives through the power of work!

Outsourcing with Goodwill provides an economical solution for businesses looking for professional assembly services, kitting services, fulfillment services, and packaging services. The same knowledge and expertise that underlies our massive donation and retail store operations fuels our Cincinnati outsourcing services, enabling our team to complete projects of any size and scope.

Our Difference is Our Strength

Unlike some outsourcing companies, Ohio Valley Goodwill’s large labor pool is driven by human intelligence, not robotics. This means that our workers have the flexibility to change direction at a moment’s notice based on your business’s changing needs. Our employees are diverse, skilled, and most importantly, they want to work! Your partnership provides that opportunity. 

We Put People Ahead of Profits

Because Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit organization and not a for-profit company, we are able to provide a competitive, economical outsourcing solution in Cincinnati that helps local businesses save time and reduce costs.

We care about helping your business succeed and, in turn, creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The bottom line we care about most is the difference we can create together. But don’t just take our word for it “” read our Testimonials to see what our customers have to say about the value we deliver!  

Do Good with Goodwill. It’s Good for Business!

The benefits of partnering with Goodwill go beyond improving productivity, streamlining operations, and reducing overhead costs. When you outsource with our Industrial Services Division, you’re also directly supporting Goodwill’s social mission to provide supports and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to thrive through valuable job skills training, personal development, and employment services. Your partnership helps create a pathway to empowerment and fulfillment!  

Choosing to partner with a not-for-profit organization for your outsourcing services can also enhance your company’s overall reputation, helping to garner the respect and recognition of customers, community members, and other local businesses.

Are you ready to make a lasting difference in your business and your community? Contact us today and learn more about the benefits of Goodwill’s Cincinnati outsourcing services!