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How to Go the Extra Mile with Seasonal Packaging

The holidays are right around the corner, and many retailers are taking advantage of the season to update their traditional packaging with more festive designs. Are you wondering if your business can benefit from special seasonal packaging? Here are some of the top reasons to give it a try:

Spark sales

The holiday season is a prime opportunity to set your products apart from the competition and increase sales. Think of ways to incorporate the style of the holiday season into your existing packaging design. Maybe it’s using a new color or adding a special holiday message. Customers may be more likely to choose a festive product over a generic one.

Leave a lasting impression on new customers

When it comes to packaging, first impressions count. Your customers’ first encounter with your brand is an opportunity to create a meaningful, memorable experience. Incorporating a new, seasonal design into your packaging is a smart way to draw new customers to your product, show off your creativity, and leave a lasting impression.

Show loyal customers you care

Now is a great time to go the extra mile with your customer service efforts. Consider ways to show your loyal customers your appreciation this holiday season with your packaging. For example, you could include a special coupon code or a handwritten note in their next order expressing your thanks for their support. Your customers are sure to notice the additional effort you put into personalizing their order.

Seasonal packaging is a great way to help your product stand out on the shelf and make a meaningful impression on customers. Are you looking for extra assistance with packaging and fulfilling holiday orders? Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help!

Our Industrial Services Division is ready to provide quality packaging and fulfillment services for your business, whether you need temporary, seasonal labor or a more permanent solution. Put Goodwill to work for your business and experience the benefits of reduced costs and a more streamlined operation. Our large, skilled workforce is able to handle projects of any size, giving your in-house team more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. To learn more about outsourcing fulfillment and packaging services to Ohio Valley Goodwill, please contact us today.