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“I’m Going to be the President of the United States!” How Dreams Drive Us All

The third Monday in February is Presidents Day, a federal holiday to recognize leaders of our great country, past and present. Some of the leaders we celebrate today didn’t believe they’d ever be president at all, and some likely dreamed about it for decades.

Here’s what Presidents Day can remind us about the importance of dreaming big:

It’s Okay to Have Big Dreams

Didn’t we all have at least one kid in class growing up who was convinced they’d be the next president? Maybe it was you! Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut, a singer, or a basketball star.

Does that sound ridiculous as you look back as an adult? Before you roll your eyes the next time you hear a child excitedly proclaim they’ll be the next president, keep in mind that grown-ups often miss the point of our big aspirations. It’s not about whether that child would actually oversee the free world someday. The fact is, dreams, whether big or small, are a beautiful, powerful thing. In fact, it’s our ambitions that drive us all to live fulfilling lives.

Psychologists have found that the older we get, the more growth and mastery become central to our well-being. Studies show that humans will naturally find ways to learn and grow no matter the circumstances, and that growth adds to our happiness.

The Right to Dream for All

At Goodwill, we believe everyone deserves to follow a dream and find a fulfilling purpose in life. We know a vocation can provide a sense of accomplishment and independence, which are important for well-being, but oftentimes individuals with disabilities encounter hurdles to employment. For many people with disabilities, having a job of their own “” and the independence that comes with it “” is their big dream.

Employment coach helping young girl
Employment coaching

That’s why Goodwill’s mission focuses on providing pathways to vocational success for individuals with disabilities and others who face barriers to securing employment. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides life-enriching job training, career assessments, and employment services that lead to personal fulfillment and vocational success for hundreds of individuals in the Cincinnati region each year.

You Can Help Others Achieve Their Dreams!

Every time you choose to shop in one of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s retail stores or donate your gently-used items, you’re supporting Goodwill’s mission to change lives through the power of work.

We all deserve to follow a dream and find something that helps us grow, learn, and become self-sufficient. With your support, Ohio Valley Goodwill will continue helping people achieve their dreams for years to come!