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How Can Kitting Services Help Your Fulfillment Process Flow?

If you’re trying to improve the cost, speed, and accuracy of your fulfillment process, it might be time to consider the benefits of kitting services. Kitting is a smart approach to order fulfillment that involves assembling, selling, and shipping multiple products in a bundled set, or kit. The resulting kit is a single unit with one unique SKU.

Kitting doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you enlist the help of a kitting services provider like Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division. Whether you’re bundling items that are similar or complementary, we can help you optimize your fulfillment process with quality kitting services in Cincinnati. 

Let’s take a look at three big reasons kitting services can help streamline your order fulfillment:

#1: Reduce Fulfillment Costs

Traditional order fulfillment involves picking and packing individual items, which takes a lot of time, labor, and, ultimately, money. With kitting, the pick-and-pack process is simplified tremendously. Because your kit is already assembled and ready to be boxed, you can plan better for shipping materials and costs, reducing the uncertainty that comes with fulfilling orders of multiple, unrelated items. Overall, kitting is a great way to reduce fulfillment costs and lower shipping expenses.

#2: Improve Fulfillment Turnaround

Likewise, packing and shipping individual items is far less efficient than preparing a pre-made kit for delivery. Having pre-bundled kits as part of your inventory means fewer SKUs to track and pull from individual locations in the warehouse to prepare for shipment. Plus, pre-made kits help to improve order accuracy because there’s less risk of forgetting an item in the order or mistakenly adding the wrong product to a package. Your customers will appreciate receiving their packages quickly, and your business can fulfill more orders in less time.

#3: Increase Warehouse Space and Sales

Finally, kitting helps to save valuable storage space within your warehouse while enhancing sales. Bundling products together is a smart strategy to move more products in your stock and provide more value to your customers. Oftentimes, companies will package similar products together at a price that’s slightly lower than if the individual products were sold separately. Think about it: People love the idea of getting more for less, even if they weren’t planning on buying an item in the kit in the first place.  

It’s Time to Improve Your Business with Kitting Services!

As you can see, kitting services and fulfillment efficiency go hand-in-hand. So don’t wait to optimize your order fulfillment process with kitting “” Ohio Valley Goodwill can help!

If you’re looking for kitting services in Cincinnati, Ohio, our Industrial Services Division is ready to help your business with expert-level solutions, high-quality work, and competitive pricing.

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