Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Honk and Wave to Say, “Vote YES on Issue 3!”

Vote RectangleJoin Ohio Valley Goodwill tomorrow, May 5, as we make our final push in preparation for Tuesday’s vote on the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services Levy. We need to make sure every voter knows, ” VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3!” Ohio Valley Goodwill is taking to the streets from 2:00-2:30 to make it happen. Goodwill employees and Issue 3 supporters of all ages will be streetside, participating in ” Honk and Waves” at five Goodwill locations across the region.

If you see our team waving, make sure to honk in support of Issue 3. If you really want to make an impact, take a late lunch and join us in our efforts. We will be out spreading our message at the Westwood, Cheviot, Tri-County, Loveland and Oakley locations (click the link for directions).

It is essential that as many voters as possible come out to VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3 in Tuesday’s election. Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services provides critical support for thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities across the Cincinnati region. Without the support of this levy, which will not raise taxes a single cent, many individuals will lose access to services that the county has provided for decades. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s essential mission is to help individuals with disabilities lead productive lives within their community. Our quest for inclusiveness and social justice cannot continue unless voters turn out and VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3.

Please, join our cause. Lend your support. We need wavers, we need honkers and (most of all) we need all of our supporters to tell everyone they know to go to the polls Tuesday, May 6, and VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3. Thank you for your support in this critical effort.