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Home Décor Feeling Outdated? Here’s How to Do a Quick Edit

Home décor is subjective, and yours should reflect your own style, not necessarily what’s on trend. Still, it’s normal to want to change things up every once in a while. If you’re feeling the home décor blahs, it might be time to mix it up!

A quick refresh doesn’t have to be expensive or labor-intensive. Here are some tips to update a tired room (or two!):

Get Inspired

Start by choosing example designs that you like. Look through home décor magazines, search online for example photos, or discover interior designers on social media that reflect your taste. Keep your findings for inspiration, then ask yourself the following questions about the home décor items currently in your home:

How Long Have I Had It?

Consider the age of your decor items, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t say goodbye to items due to their age alone. If the piece was trendy when you got it, and you’ve had it for more than a decade, it might be time to place it in the donate pile. More classic or unique pieces, however, never go out of style. It really comes down to what you like!

Would I Buy it Today?

One of the easiest ways to tell if you still like something is to reset the clock. Ask yourself whether you’d buy that item today if you saw it on a shelf at a store. If not, you might consider replacing it.

Outdoor baskets from Ohio Valley Goodwill
Outdoor baskets from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Would This Fit Better Somewhere Else?

Repurposing is an easy way to breathe new life into something in your home. It might be as simple as hanging a piece of art in another room or moving a decorative item to a different shelf. These simple swaps can spark new excitement for a room that was feeling worn out.

Pink heart bowl from Goodwill

What Makes Me Happy?

Your home decor should make you feel comfortable and happy. While many people enjoy staying on top trends, don’t feel pressured to conform if it doesn’t align with your personal preferences and lifestyle. In fact, avoiding trends will add longevity to your design choices. Ultimately, the best home decor is what makes you feel at home.

Decorative dishes from Goodwill
Decorative dishes from Goodwill

Revive Your Home Décor at Goodwill!

Once you’ve edited your own home décor, pack up the items you no longer need and bring them to your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill Donation Center. Making a Goodwill donation is a more sustainable option than sending them to the landfill, but it’s also an easy way to do good for others.

When you make a donation to Goodwill, you support our skills training and job placement activities, which help individuals find personal fulfillment and vocational success. That’s a great reason to update your home!