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Baby It’s Cold Outside: 4 Great Reasons to Donate Your Winter Coats to Goodwill

Now that freezing weather is upon us, it’s time to bring your winter outerwear out of storage and bundle up for the long winter ahead. But before you do, we encourage you to check your closets for any cold weather items that you can donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill! Here are some great reasons to donate your gently-used coats to Ohio Valley Goodwill this winter.

Mannequin dressed in red sweater with beige scarf

Free up closet space

Now is a perfect time to declutter and make a fresh start for the new year. Do you have coats that you longer need or use? Have your children outgrown last year’s winter outerwear? If your closets are overflowing with bulky winter coats, donate them to Ohio Valley Goodwill! We will gladly accept your donations of men’s, women’s, and children’s coats, as well as cold weather accessories such as scarves, boots, and sweaters.

Mannequin dressed in pink vest with pink striped scarf


Help neighbors stay safe and warm

After you donate your gently-used winter coats and cold weather accessories to Ohio Valley Goodwill, we prepare them for resale in our network of retail stores. Our stores allow local shoppers to find great deals on necessary items to stay safe and warm this winter. Our items are always priced affordably and we even have special offers to help bargain shoppers save even more.

Gray winter coat on mannequin with pink pants

Keep reusable materials out of local landfills

Every year, Ohio Valley Goodwill recycles millions of pounds of donated materials, keeping them from filling our local landfills. Instead of throwing out your used coats or clothing, donate them to Goodwill! If we receive items that cannot be resold in our stores, we work with local recycling partners to ensure these materials are recycled responsibly.

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Goodwill’s Cycle of Success

Become a job creator in your community

When your donated items are purchased in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s retail stores, the proceeds will help support our programs that provide vocational training and job support services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Your donation support is the lifeblood of our mission to change lives through the power of work. The simple act of donating your old winter coat can make a powerful difference for people in need in our local community. Be a job creator and donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill!

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Donations box

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we know that one donation may touch many lives. When you donate your coats and cold weather accessories to Goodwill, you’re helping people in your community stay warm and safe this winter and supporting our non-profit mission to provide job skills training and employment services to people facing barriers to employment. Thank you for your generosity and support this holiday season! View our list of donation centers and retail stores to find the location nearest you.