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Goodwill’s Westwood Supervisor Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Service!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to recognize the 20th anniversary of service of Michelle Ruschman, Supervisor of the organization’s Westwood Vocational Services Center. During a ceremony held on Friday, January 6th, Michelle was presented with a bouquet of flowers; 20th year leather jacket and Goodwill service pin, along with the applause and good wishes of her team including Chelsea Ashcraft, Asst. Director of Community Services and Ann Mackzum, Asst. Manager of Pre-Vocational programs.

Michelle Ruschman Receiving 20 Year Jacket and Pin.

“When I think about being at Goodwill for 20 years it’s hard to believe because the time truly has flown by!

When I first started at Goodwill our Work Adjustment Pre-Vocational Program was located upstairs [at the main corporate offices in Woodlawn]”¦since then I have seen Goodwill grow tremendously!  We moved downstairs, added our CARE [Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education] program, added our off-site locations (West, East and Fairfield) and continued to increase the number of individuals that we provide program services too.

When Goodwill was looking to add the Westside off-site location I was told they wanted me to head it up and supervise the program.   This made me extremely nervous but with the help of a wonderful team to start the program location with me it turned out to be the best decision for me.   I have loved the process of starting this location from the very beginning and growing our team and the individuals that we have provided services to.  It has been a wonderful experience to observe and assist each individual to grow into the person that they are today.  

As we say at Goodwill West ” The Westside is the Best Side”! “

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Michelle Ruschman on her 20th year of service and her commitment and dedication to the individuals she serves. Thank you for your leadership at our Westside Vocational Services Center, Michelle!

To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s programs and services, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.  


Michelle rocking 20th anniversary jacket!
Michelle receiving jacket and tenure pin along with flowers for 20th anniversary of service