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Goodwill’s Service Guild Sponsors Annual Fall Mini-Fest

Fall is here in the tristate and it’s also time for the Service Guild of Ohio Valley Goodwill to hold their semi-annual Fall Mini Fest. Held on Friday, October 6th  and Saturday, October 7th  at the organization’s corporate facility in Woodlawn, OH, the two-day annual event is planned and presented by the Service Guild and their many volunteer members. The event is a way for the Service Guild to promote Goodwill and to raise funds in support of their mission to assist Ohio Valley Goodwill with its programs and services for men and women with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. The annual event features homemade baked goods and candy, an ” Elegant Junque” and collectibles booth, special items from the Service Guild’s Treasure Island Gift Shop, books, and the always popular grilled hot dogs served during lunchtime.

” Service Guild members work for weeks preceding the Mini-Fest to plan for the two-day event. Many people who come to the festival have been doing so for years knowing that our members offer wonderful baked goods and extra-special goodies. It’s always a great way to reach out to the public and have them learn more about the work that we do, and also about Goodwill’s mission,” said Sue Burreson, President of the Goodwill Service Guild. The Service Guild has been presenting the spring and fall festivals for more than 25 years in support of Goodwill’s mission to put people to work.

The Goodwill Service Guild has more than 75 volunteers who have been actively supporting the  group for over 80 years to advance the mission of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. ” We appreciate the great work that the Service Guild does on behalf of  Ohio Valley Goodwill and the programs that they offer throughout the year. The semi-annual  festivals help to promote our very important mission to the public and  assist in making more people aware of the important work that we do on behalf of people with disabilities,” said George Palmer,  Goodwill’s Director of PR and Marketing.

Ohio Valley Goodwill thanks the Service Guild for their continued dedication and support over that past many years and encourages the public to stop by the two-day festival!