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Goodwill’s Michael Flannery Wins WCPO’s Let’s Ask Cincinnati!

Michael Flannery 2015
Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery, was the winner of WCPO’s “Let’s Ask Cincinnati;” a game show that aired on January 22nd. Flannery was featured along with Mayor John Cranley, Tom Browning; former Reds player; and Mercedes; Bengal Cheerleader; in a question competition related to Cincinnati facts, both present day and historical.

Each contestant was playing on behalf of their favorite charity which in the case of Flannery was of course, Ohio Valley Goodwill and its mission of service to people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. Flannery was swift in his responses which were almost always accurate. “Being a former news anchor gave me a bit of an edge in this area,” laughed Flannery.

As the official winner of the show, Flannery won $1200 in support of Goodwill’s mission of putting people to work. “I’m so glad that WCPO asked me to be part of the show and allowed me to support Goodwill in this important way.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery on his success and his efforts on behalf of Goodwill.