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Goodwill’s Janitorial Services Help Businesses Clean Up

janitorial service cincinnatiOhio Valley Goodwill has been a leader in outsourcing janitorial services in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for over 18 years. Every day, we employ custodial workers to clean over 1.2 million square feet of Goodwill facilities. That is a track record of success in supplying janitorial services that can’t be beat. Businesses across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have found success outsourcing cleaning services to Ohio Valley Goodwill for years. Our teams are experts in scrubbing and buffing, stripping and waxing, heated carpet extraction, bonnet cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, glass and window washing, blinds, building exteriors and landscaping services. Goodwill’s custodial professionals even provide green alternatives for trash bags and paper products as part of our commitment to providing outsourced services with a socially conscious mission.

Office buildings, warehouses, medical laboratories, retail locations, parking garages and more have all chosen to hire janitorial services professionals from Ohio Valley Goodwill. Our non-profit status helps us provide competitively priced staffing services, and our janitorial staff will “outshine” any other. Teams assembled by Goodwill are made up of individuals who see their work as more than a job. They are hardworking individuals who want to contribute to their community and realize the value of work to a positive self-image and a healthy life. Working with Goodwill is an opportunity, for those we serve and the businesses we provide cleaning staff to.

Contact Ohio Valley Goodwill’s B2B outsourcing team or visit http://www.goodwillb2b.com/services/janitorial-services/ to find out why businesses in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky choose us for janitorial services.