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Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division Provides Outsourcing to Local Businesses!

One of the many outsourcing services that Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services division can offer is assembly and packaging. Goodwill has worked with Ohio Transmission Corporation for several years on an electrical pump assembly partnership.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services division  has been assembling electrical pumps for a local company ““ Ohio Transmission Corporation ““ for the past several years. Ohio Transmission Corporation or OTP and Goodwill’s Industrial Services team  established a relationship and came to an agreement regarding OTP’s need to have electrical pumps assembled, wired and packaged.

OTP will send pumps to Goodwill on a regular basis.   Goodwill will attach a multitude of items to the motor of the pump.   The most challenging aspect is attaching the electrical cord to the pump.   This process is completed through the cutting, stripping and attaching of the wires, within the cord, to the pump.

Assembly and packaging

Assembly and packaging services

For Quality Control, the pumps are then tested to ensure the connectivity is complete.The pumps are then packed with information sheets into a carton, palletized and then shipped back to the customer.

OTP benefits by having the pumps assembled, wired and ready for use for their customers, and allows their workforce to remain focused on their core responsibilities.

Goodwill benefits by being able to provide challenging work opportunities for the individuals the organization serves through its work training programs.

Assembling and Packaging are  two of the many services offered by the Industrial Services of Goodwill Industries that can help local businesses to meet their bottom line.


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