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Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division Holds An Open House For Area Businesses

L to R: Steven Byrnes, J&M Marketing , Kim Leppert, OVGI Industrial Services, Todd Schreiber, OVGI Industrial Services, Sales Representative.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services division held an open house on Thursday, October 15th for area businesses to showcase its service offerings available to the corporate sector. For years , Ohio Valley Goodwill has worked with local business and industry in providing services including assembly, packaging and inspection to help corporations to streamline their productivity and performance. The open house provided new business owners and managers the opportunity to tour the Goodwill facility and to see first-hand the actual workings of its production area. Visitors were enthused with Goodwill’s capability to perform a multitude of tasks and projects.

During the open house, Stephen Byrnes, President of J&M Marketing told the group that his company has worked with Goodwill for over twelve years in a variety of packaging projects and has always been pleased with Goodwill’s performance. ” Goodwill’s workforce is excellent and our work is always completed in a timely and efficient manner,” said Byrnes. The visitors were able to tour the corporate facility and to see many of the organization’s programs that are designed to assist men and women with disabilities to receive skill training and go to work.

” I believe that our guests were delighted to be able to have a close-up view of how Goodwill operates and to have a better understanding of the services that we make available to local business and industry,” said George Palmer, Goodwill’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing.