Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
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Goodwill’s Assembly Service in Cincinnati is the Piece Your Business is Missing

Attention to detail is the hallmark of a great assembly company. Ohio Valley Goodwill offers assembly services with a level of professionalism that ensures nothing falls through the cracks (not even a single screw!) The key to our success as an assembly company in Cincinnati is the individualized attention we give to each product our assembly service team touches. Ohio Valley Goodwill assembles products by hand. Even the most powerful computer-driven assembly lines cannot compete with the power of distributed human intelligence. Every member of our assembly line is paying close attention and applying diligent thought and, when necessary, problem solving skills to their area of expertise. For business owners, this means changes to assembly processes can be made quickly and errors will be isolated.

Product managers live in fear of horror stories where thousands of items on a computerized assembly line are produced with the same error. This is impossible with Ohio Valley Goodwill, because each of our team members is a infinitely more capable than any machine ever devised. If errors are made, they are isolated to individuals, and each individual has the ability to help others resolve issues. This level of built-in redundancy is the basis of some of the most high-tech solutions to logistics problems with global scope, but Ohio Valley Goodwill is making it available to businesses in Cincinnati through our well established assembly services.

Moreover, Ohio Valley Goodwill can boost more than your company’s bottom line. Our singular goal is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. When you join up with Ohio Valley Goodwill, your business gains a second bottom line. You will receive expert kitting service at a competitive price point — we are a nonprofit organization after all — and you will be able to proudly declare that your business is making Greater Cincinnati a better and more just community.

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