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"Goodwill Team Talks with Students at Loveland High School!"

L to R: James Harley, Samantha Woolery, Katie Wietmarschen, rear, Molly Swain, Loveland HS teacher Monday, April 26th marked the occasion for members of Goodwill’s Community Outreach team to talk with graduating seniors at Loveland High School. Marketing Specialist, Sharon Hannon, along with Community Preparation Program Mgr, Katie Wietmarschen, and advocates, James Harley and Samantha Woolery spoke with 20 students and teachers about the many programs and services that Goodwill can provide to individuals with disabilities. The members of Goodwill’s outreach team were impressed by the peer mentoring that is an integral part of the Loveland High School program.  The program  offers students with and without disabilities the opportunity to work together on learning new skills  both in the classroom and in the community. The students and teachers seemed to enjoy the multi-faceted presentation provided by the Goodwill team, especially the personal stories shared by Samantha and James, advocates. Samantha and James are both officers in Goodwill’s Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) and shared with the students how that experience has helped them to become skilled spokespeople on behalf of individuals with disabilities. “Ohio Valley Goodwill is committed to providing community outreach as much as possible and especially to students who are making the transition from school to work,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. For more information about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s transition planning services or to schedule a tour, please contact Sharon Hannon at (513) 771-4800, ext. 6364.