Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

"Goodwill Team Reaches Out to Reds Fans!"

L to R: David Hayes, John Lutes, Claire McCurley, Stephanie Mitchell, Connor McCurley (front row), Kim Miller and Brent McCurley (rear) “Wednesday, September 16th was not only the occasion for a Reds baseball game, but also, a community outreach opportunity for 8 members of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s support team. Marketing Specialist, Sharon Hannon along with 7 volunteers including Brent, Connor and Claire McCurley, Stephanie Mitchell, Veterans Specialist, David Hayes, Kim Miller and John Lutes all joined together to share information about Goodwill and its important partnership with the Hamilton County Board of MR/DD. The Great American Insurance Group has for many years offered its kiosk at the Reds stadium to partner organizations affiliated with the Hamilton County Board and the Community Ambassadors Resource Alliance (CARA). “It’s always a wonderful opportunity to reach out to hundreds of Reds fans and Hamilton County citizens about the very important mission of both Goodwill and the Board,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. The group of enthusiastic Goodwill volunteers spread the word about voting  YES on Issue 5 in November’s upcoming election. Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to the Great American Insurance Company, the CARA group and its dedicated volunteers for their assistance in the organization’s on-going community outreach efforts.