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"Goodwill Team Involved in Community Outreach!"

L to R (front) Melinda Gabelman, Ann Walters,
Kate Hawkins, L to R (rear) Sharon Hannon,
Joe Walters and Bill Hawkins.

The weekend of August 1st was a busy one for Ohio Valley Goodwill team members. Saturday started off bright and early with Team Goodwill participating in a 5k Walk/Run in support of the Mt. Washington community and its Wish Tree effort which raises funds for children in need during the holiday season. Goodwill will soon be opening a new boutique and drive-thru donation center in the area and wanted to show its support for the neighborhood.

Later in the day, Goodwill team members, Leslie McCurley, Asst. Director for MR/DD Services and Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist, were acting as Goodwill ambassadors at two different community events; the 2009 Rec/Leisure Expo held at the Vineyard Community Church and the Autism Spectrum Disorder Parent meeting in Milford. While both events were centered around creating and accessing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities, they also served as the opportunity for Team Goodwill to share its important message about the 2009 Hamilton County Board Levy campaign. Information was provided to attendees at both events, urging their outreach to County Commissioners about the desperately needed funding amount for this year’s levy. Ohio Valley Goodwill along with the Hamilton County Board and its many partner agencies are working hard to get the word out to families, care providers and individuals about the need to take action in support of this year’s levy.

L to R- Claire McCurley with mom,
Leslie McCurley at 2009 Rec/Leisure Expo

” The need for family involvement is critical,” said Leslie McCurley, Asst. Director for MR/DD Services. ” Goodwill will be working with families and individuals to coordinate an education campaign to ensure that the commissioners are fully aware of the importance of this issue,” added McCurley. For more information about the Hamilton Board’s Levy Campaign, please visit their website at www.mrdd-levy.org.