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"Goodwill Team Hosts Friday Night Salon!"

” Music was in the air on Friday, September 11th in a Mt. Washington neighborhood as Ohio Valley Goodwill Marketing Specialist, Sharon Hannon and husband, Mark Macomber in partnership with friends Chris Humphries and Mike Lacinak welcomed more than 40 guests to a Friday Night Salon in honor of special guests Councilmember Roxanne Qualls and Hamilton County Board Superintendent, Cheryl Phipps.

The festive community event was organized in order for friends and neighbors to learn about the important issues affecting all residents of Hamilton County and specifically, the need to support the upcoming MR/DD Tax Levy. Superintendent Phipps spoke eloquently to the attentive audience members and was very warmly received by the assembled guests.

The community salons are being hosted throughout the Fall season by the different partner agencies affiliated with the Hamilton County Board of MR/DD. ” It is just so important that people have the information they need to support this vital issue this year,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. ” We want to make sure that voters understand that Issue 5 is critical to all citizens of Hamilton County,” added Hannon.