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Matt Burnheimer, Employment Services Manager

Matt Burnheimer, Employment Services Manager

Matt Burnheimer, Goodwill Employment Services Manager, is committed to helping put people to work in the Greater Cincinnati community. Honored as the ” Rehabilitation Practitioner of the Year,” by the South West Ohio Rehabilitation Association (SWORA) in 2015, Matt was recognized for his outstanding dedication to helping people to get jobs in the South West Ohio region. Last year, Goodwill helped almost 1000 people to get jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area.

This remarkable achievement reflects the hard work of both the organization’s Veterans Services team as well as the Employment Services team led by Burnheimer. In reflecting on the success of their placement efforts, Matt explains that the key is ” building positive relationships with prospective employees as well as community employers to ensure that there is a good match in meeting the needs of all.” In addition to job development services, Goodwill provides on-going job coaching support to help make sure that new employees become fully comfortable with their new employment opportunity and the employer’s expectations as well as longer term follow along support as deemed appropriate.

Matt and his team were recently featured on Local 12 news talking about one of their many successfully placed community employees. To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Services team, visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com and see how Matt and his team can help people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get jobs.

Please note that all individuals served by Matt and his award-winning Employment Services team are referred by Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and must have a sponsoring OOD counselor. To find out if you are eligible for Opportunities for Ohioan with Disabilities sponsorship, please call (513) 852-3260 or visit their website at http://www.ood.ohio.gov/

During the celebration of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s 100th Anniversary of service to the Greater Cincinnati community this year, we are glad that we have Matt and his outstanding team of Employment Specialists as well as our Veteran Services team members committed to carrying on the organization’s critical mission of putting people to work! 100th Goodwill Logo FA outlined