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"Goodwill "Star" Shines for 3rd Annual Dancing With the Stars Event!"


Ohio Valley Goodwill was well-represented on Friday, March 9th, as Goodwill team member, Leslie McCurley joined partner Jim Krumer, on the dance floor in support of the 3rd Annual Dancing with the Stars event. Held at the Eastgate Holiday Inn and Suites, the 3rd annual extravaganza was designed as a fundraiser for Goodwill partner, the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities. McCurley who serves as the Asst. Director of DD Services for Ohio Valley Goodwill was recruited by the Clermont County Board as part of a “celebrity couple” for this year’s event. Along with partner, Jim Krumer, Superintendent of the Southwest Ohio Developmental Center (SODC), McCurley made her dancing debut performing a Swing dance for the competition. The “Dancing With The Stars” gala is planned and organized by the Clermont County Board of DD staff team led by Community Relations  Director, Lisa Davis. This year’s event featured 8 celebrity couples, all with very unique ties to the Board and the individuals they support. State Representative Joe Uecker and partner Meredith Delaney, who were the 2011 winners, presented the winning couple with the coveted Mirror Ball trophy at the end of the festivities. “While we were very nervous about making our dancing debut,” said McCurley, ” it was worth it to do our part to support the Clermont County Board of DD and its mission in the community.” The celebrity couple were further challenged by partner Jim Krumer falling and breaking his hand the day before the big event. Despite everything, the dancing partners did a wonderful job to the delight of the more than 300 guests in attendance. Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Leslie McCurley and Jim Krumer on their outstanding performance and courage in support of the 2012 Dancing with the Stars Extravaganza.