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Goodwill Salutes Our Military Veterans During Memorial Day Weekend!

During Memorial Day Weekend, Ohio Valley Goodwill Salutes Our Military Heroes and Honors their Service.

While Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember our nation’s fallen veterans and their service to our country, Goodwill is doing its part this special weekend as well as all year long to support our military men and women. At Goodwill, we honor our service men and women every day through our programs and services designed to help veterans to obtain employment and permanent housing in the community.

Annually, Goodwill provides services to more than 900 veterans which include career planning, job placement, and finding housing. Goodwill services include:
•A comprehensive individual needs assessment
•A personalized plan that will address the veteran’s employment history and needs
•A case manager who will assist the veteran with job development and placement
•Assistance in locating safe and affordable housing

Goodwill’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects (HVRP) are employment-driven programs designed to provide the supports and assistance needed for eligible veterans to obtain employment, housing assistance and economic stability. Each veteran is assigned a case manager who provides assistance in all aspects of helping the veteran rejoin their community as a fully integrated member.

Goodwill salutes our nation’s military men and women and honors their service. During this Memorial Day weekend, as we honor those that have been lost, Goodwill is proud to offer programs and services to help our military veterans to attain self-sufficiency and personal success. To find out more about Goodwill’s programs and services for military veterans, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.