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Goodwill Recognizes Martin Luther King Day as a Day of Service


Monday, January 20th, marks the official national celebration of Martin Luther King (MLK) Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, also known as MLK Day of Service, is observed every third Monday of January to celebrate the life and work of the famous civil rights leader. The ” a day on, not a day off“  holiday that aims to empower individuals, strengthen communities, and inspire solutions to social problems is on the  20th of January  this year.

The National Day of Service celebrates the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of America’s most prominent civil rights leaders.

In addition to being a federal holiday, MLK Day is also designated as a national day of service. Started in 1986 this day of service takes place each year on the third Monday in January. For many Americans MLK Day represents a ” day on, not a day off,” as they go into their neighborhoods and communities looking for volunteer and service opportunities.

The MLK Day of Service is a part of  Serve.gov, an initiative overseen by the Corporation for National and Community Service. On this day presidents from all political parties have encouraged Americans to observe this day with appropriate civic, community, and service projects in honor of Dr. King.

On MLK Day, Americans across the country come together for a day of service, picking up the baton handed to us by past generations and carrying forward their efforts. Martin Luther King believed that service to others was an important part of our collective mission in life. Dr. King asked his followers to make a commitment to bettering humankind in a variety of ways but one of those commitments included: ” Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill is dedicated to serving others through its employment and training programs and as a result helps thousands of citizens with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get jobs in our community. Celebrating more than a century of service in the Greater Cincinnati area, Goodwill takes great pride in the personal success of the men and women that the organization serves.

” Ohio Valley Goodwill has an 100+ year tradition of service to others,” said Joe Byrum, President and CEO. ” When you choose to donate to Goodwill, you are helping people go to work in our community. We appreciate the long-standing generous support of Greater Cincinnati which has made our mission of service possible over the past century.” To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission of service, visit  www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/about.  For a list of Goodwill Donation Centers in the Greater Cincinnati area, please  visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate.

Ohio Valley Goodwill thanks you for your support and wishes all a very happy Martin Luther King holiday and  #NationalDayofService.