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Goodwill Ranked in Top 10 in World Value Index Report!


2018 World Value Index report unveils people’s perceptions on 200 businesses, nonprofits and cultural brands, measuring their perceived value to the communities and audiences they serve

The Goodwill network was ranked the #4 nonprofit on the third annual World Value Index, a report that measures people’s perception of brands and the extent to which that perception motivates public active support. Goodwill has remained in the top five ranking of this report for the past three years.

The World Value Index is developed by enso, a Santa Monica based company creating impact at scale by building mission-driven brands and Shared Missions through fearless creativity and collaborative action. enso created the World Value Index as a tool for brands to realize their potential for positive impact.

 Locally, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been serving the Greater Cincinnati community for 100+ years helping thousands of people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to obtain skill training and employment as well as life-enriching opportunities. Last year alone, Ohio Valley Goodwill served more than 3400 individuals and assisted 917 to obtain community employment.

Being ranked a top five nonprofit on the World Value Index means that Goodwill has scored extremely well in the four areas of creating *World Value,” which refer to Americans’ perceptions of a brand’s purpose or mission.


  • High awareness
  • Relevant and resonant
  • A strong motivator in garnering active support
  • An influential factor in triggering purchases

“It is an honor to remain one of the nation’s top brands whose missions resonate with consumers,” said Joe Byrum, President and CEO of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.  “Goodwill is committed to serving our communities through the power of work, and this recognition shows that the public understands that and will continue to support us as we continue to change lives.”

The World Value Index was created based on a nationally representative, comprehensive survey of 4,000 Americans on perception, awareness and behaviors in response to the purpose and mission of organizations and brands. enso commissioned Quadrant Strategies, a research-driven consultancy that works with Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies, political leaders around the world and major nonprofits, to field surveys with various demographic representative samples of the U.S. populations ages 18 and up.

The 20 audience demographics and psychographics surveyed include the general population, elites (people who are college educated and earn more than $100,000 per year), millennials and Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers, moms, dads, future concerned, young and social, female, male, environmental advocates, traditionalists, multiculturalists, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, class aware, race aware, and gender aware.

“Creating value in the world today is not just about selling things, but also inspiring people around a greater mission,” said Sebastian Buck, enso’s Co-founder and strategic lead. “By doing this research, we aim to shed new light on value creation, and prompt reflection and debate on how organizations like Goodwill create enduring value for the world.”

To read the full World Value Index report, visit: http://enso.co/worldvalue.