Goodwill Ranked #1 in 2016 Brand World Value Index Survey!

Brand Value Rankings HeaderGoodwill was ranked #1 in a 2016 Brand World Value Index Survey, commissioned by Enso, a mission-driven marketing agency based out of California. The news debuted recently in a Fast Company Magazine article and contains visuals of the top rankings of all of the brands.

In the rankings, Goodwill is followed by Amazon, Google, Kellogg’s, PayPal, Disney, Girl Scouts of America, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, and Dove. Between February 2 and March 18 of this year, Quadrant Strategies, a research-driven consultancy that works with Fortune 100 companies, political leaders around the world, and major nonprofits, fielded three surveys among 1,000 people, each demographically representative samples of U.S. general populations ages 18+, and tested a total of 149 brands, spanning a mix of industries and company sizes, ranging from start-ups to established companies. The index score for each brand was calculated from the following metrics: awareness of purpose + alignment with purpose + impact on purchase x active support.

The rankings from the Index reflect the following results:
Goodwill ranked #1 with Gen X, Elites, Social and Purpose Engaged, Tech Positive, Tech Skeptical, Activists, Environmentally Engaged, Optimists, Non-Profit Engaged. In the political arena Goodwill ranked #1 with Republicans, #2 with Democrats and #1 with Independents.

You can access the full Brand World Value Index report here.

• We are more than a little proud, if not humbled, to be named the No. 1 brand doing the most for the world.
• “WOW” about sums it up! Goodwill named No. 1 brand doing the most for the world.
• ICYMI: Goodwill named No. 1 brand doing the most for the world. #WhyGoodwill