Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

"Goodwill Participants Star In Television Commercials!"

Friday, June 12th was a very exciting day for several of the participants in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s many programs and services. Six individuals spent the day at Cincinnati State’s television studio serving as STARS for the organization’s new donation mission appeal spots. The spots feature Goodwill’s Public Information Officer and local celebrity, Michael Flannery along with ” actors,” Kristine Agoston, Tom Wilson, Ron Martin, John Nusekabel, Paul Cunningham and Jeff Cochran talking about how Goodwill has impacted their lives.

L to R (front row) Kristine Agoston
Ron Martin, John Nusekabel
(2nd row L to R), Tom Wilson
Paul Cunningham, Michael Flannery
(rear) Jeff Cochran.

“” It’s always very exciting to have the opportunity for the individuals we serve to be able to share the Goodwill story with the larger community,” said Leslie McCurley, Asst. Director of Rehabilitation Services.

While several of this year’s actors are involved in Goodwill’s Work Adjustment and CARE programs, others are individuals that are employed in the community and supported through Goodwill’s coaching services or Veterans programs. ” It was a fun day for everyone concerned,” said Sharon Hannon, Goodwill Marketing Specialist. ” Michael is always very positive and upbeat in working with our ” actors,” added Hannon.

The new spots will launch in the next month or so as well as being posted on YouTube for viewing. Watch for updates on these exciting new spots featuring our Goodwill STARS!