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"Goodwill Hosts Woodlawn and Springdale Chamber Meeting"

Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to serve as the host location for the joint monthly meeting of the Woodlawn and Springdale Chambers on Wednesday, April 18th. Over 30 members attended the lunchtime meeting which also featured a presentation by Don Gray, President and Founder of Sales Engineering Group who’s  topic was entitled: “Strengthening Customer Relationships.” During the presentation, Don shared his perspectives with the group including the many ways that business individuals can strengthen their relationships with their customers as well as building on distinguishing value. don-gray1.JPG Don Gray, Founder and President of Sales Engineering Group Featured Speaker – Woodlawn & Springdale Chamber Luncheon – April 18, 2012

Don also discussed the ways that businesses can determine how to build more effective long-term and profitable relationships.  As the President of Sales Engineering Group, Don has helped people to become more effective at hiring the right people by implementing sales processes that accurately reflect the revenue potential, and by improving the performance of the sales team with improved selling skills and value messaging. This is the first time that the two chamber groups have met together in a joint meeting. Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to have been the host location for the chamber event.  Goodwill’s Director of PR and Marketing, George Palmer has served on the Board of Directors for the Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce for the past three years and has been active in planning programs and events for the chamber. As a long-time leader in the local business community, Ohio Valley Goodwill is committed to sponsoring events that will help the overall vitality of the business economy. Proceeds from monies raised in Goodwill’s network of retail stores is used to support the organization’s mission of service in the Greater Cincinnati community.