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"Goodwill Hosts 2009 Honk n Waves!"

Monday, November 2nd marked the date for two major Honk n Wave celebrations hosted by Ohio Valley Goodwill in support of the Hamilton County MR/DD Services Levy. The first took place at Goodwill’s Westwood satellite location at 12 noon. The Westwood team had so many volunteers for this particular event, that they decided to have two different shifts for the lunchtime Honk n Wave. “The response to our wavers was very positive,” said Michelle Ruschman, Westwood supervisor.

Later in the day, a second Honk n Wave was held at Ohio Valley Goodwill’s corporate headquarters in Woodlawn. Attracting more than 30 exuberant volunteers, the rush hour Honk n Wave team was greeted with loud and positive responses from passing motorists. “Ohio Valley Goodwill is delighted to have the opportunity to support our long-time partner, Hamilton County MR/DD, and the thousands of individuals we mutually serve,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist.

The point of the traditional Honk n Wave celebrations is to urge community support of important issues such as Issue 5, the Mental Retardation Services Levy. Please remember to vote and vote yes in support of more than 8000 families in Hamilton County.