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Goodwill Has Been Helping People to “Upcycle” for Almost 100 Years!

Upcycling Ideas on PinterestAs the idea of living in an environmentally conscious way and adhering to Green practices continues to gain in popularity, the idea of “upcycling” becomes increasing relevant. Basically, the term “upcycling” means taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative. Despite the recent growth in the popularity of this idea, Ohio Valley Goodwill has really been helping people to “upcycle” for almost 100 years in the Greater Cincinnati community. With 15 stores and an ever-changing inventory of clothing, furniture, household goods and more, Goodwill can be the “must-shop” headquarters for those looking to renew a previously owned item and indulge their creative instincts. With the advent of the interest in flea marketing decorating and re-purposing items discovered on thrift store display shelves, Goodwill can be the place to find a treasure trove of exciting, soon-to-be “upcycled” finds. Whether it’s someone looking for decorator pillows that can be recovered with vintage linen napkins or an industrious weekend DIY fan hoping to find the perfect dresser to restore, Goodwill may be the place to search.

While the term “upcycling” has recently become very trendy, in many ways, the idea of renewing, re-purposing and giving new items new life has been the basis of the Goodwill business model for nearly a century. Devoted shoppers share stories all of the time about the milk glass vase they found at Goodwill or the vintage china they discovered at a Goodwill boutique. Sometimes, Goodwill treasure seekers and DIY enthusiasts will proudly send us images of a chair or table they’ve restored. While Goodwill welcomes more than 1,000,000 shoppers annually in its network of retail stores, few know that Ohio Valley Goodwill recycles more than 43,000,000 lbs. of donated materials each year diverting it from area landfills. It is this on-going commitment to environmental stewardship that can make Goodwill an “upcycler’s” must-shop destination.

The best part is, shopping and donating to Goodwill can not only help make an avid fan of “upcycling” happy but also help to support the organization’s almost century old tradition of helping people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to receive skill training and get jobs in our community. Proceeds raised from the sale of donated items in Goodwill’s network of retail stores helps to provide the vital funding needed to provide these services to more than 3000 people a year. Now, that’s a truly good thing! For more “upcycling” ideas about how to instill new life into an item, visit our Pinterest boards at www.pinterest.com/cincigoodwill. We’ve pulled together some very clever ideas that will inspire you both in your home and garden.

Please join Goodwill in a new tradition of “upcycling” as you come up with decorating ideas for your world this summer…it will feel really good!