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"Goodwill GoodGuides Mentoring Team Featured in Cincinnati Enquirer!"

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Ohio Valley Goodwill GoodGuides Youth Mentoring program was part of a feature article in the Cincinnati Enquirer in recognition of National Mentoring month on Sunday, January 16th. Mentoring partners, Phil Felty, 37, and Chris Munson, 17, were brought together through Goodwill’s GoodGuides program. The pair spend time together playing basketball and having fun but more importantly, talking about the future. Chris is interested in a career in landscaping and Phil is a landscaper. After graduating from high school, Chris plans to join the National Guard. When he returns from his training, he will have a job waiting for him provided by his mentor, Phil. When asked to describe the relationship with his mentor, Chris said “He’s one of my best friends.”  Read  the Enquirer  story by reporter Jessica Brown and view the accompanying video by producer, Amanda Davidson. Goodwill’s GoodGuides program is designed to pair youth 12-17 with trusted adult mentors who can help to provide guidance and support as these young people plan for their futures. The basic idea is that by keeping youth out of trouble now, they will be less likely to face even greater hardships down the road and instead contribute to and strengthen our community. As the GoodGuides program continues to grow, adults mentors are being sought. Ideal mentors are people who truly like adolescents; are willing to commit at least one year to transform the future and are dependable and committed. For more information about the GoodGuides program, please contact Tim Spoleti, Youth Services Manager at tspoleti@cincigoodwill.org. Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to its wonderful mentor teams and to the Cincinnati Enquirer for their coverage of this important Youth Mentoring story.