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A Goodwill Employment Success Story!

100th Goodwill Logo FA outlinedAs we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ohio Valley Goodwill in the Greater Cincinnati community and its mission of putting people to work, we wanted to share the stories of personal success that reflect the organization’s mission in action. This month’s featured story is about Danny Crews.

Danny Crews at work.

Danny Crews at work.

Danny Crews is currently employed by the Kroger Company at their brand new Oakley super store. He works at least two days a week depending on the schedule for the week. As a stocker, Danny is responsible for making sure that the store shelves and displays are always neatly in order to make it easier for customers to shop. ” I love working here and have made a lot of good friends,” said Danny during a recent interview.

Danny still chooses to continue to participate in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s work training program at its corporate headquarters in Woodlawn several days a week as well. ” I really love my job at Kroger but I also have a lot of friends at Goodwill and it’s important to me to see them, too,” explained Crews. As an employment and training center for people with disabilities, Goodwill helps to support individuals like Danny in achieving their personal vocational goals. ” Our focus at Goodwill, is to help people to become fully included into their community and viewed as a valuable asset to the workforce,” said Aimee Rittner, Assistant Director of Community-Based Services. ” At the same time, we also honor the person’s choices in terms of how they wish to be involved in their communities,” added Rittner.

Crew’s story is just one of thousands of stories of personal success stories that illustrate the Goodwill mission in action. We sincerely thank Danny for his willingness to share his personal story and congratulate him on his story of success.
For more information about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s employment services, please visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com or call (513) 771-4800.