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Goodwill Celebrates DD Awareness Month- The Victor Medley Story

Victor MedleyMy name is Victor Medley. I am currently employed at two different jobs, both of which I enjoy. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Services team and I worked together helping me to interview for and find a job in the community.

I had a lot of interviews before I got my job but the Employment Services team helped me to practice my interviewing skills, put together my resume and find out exactly what job I wanted. Goodwill also helped me with clerical training and learning Microsoft Office. They also taught me about the importance of customer service and the importance of consistency of scheduling and planning. I have learned that presenting myself well and being sensitive to other people is critical to my job as well as communication-based skills. Now I have two jobs and am going to school learning about Business Management Technology.

The Employment Services team are always out talking to people about Goodwill and how they can help people to get jobs in the community. I was interviewed by a reporter from Local 12 news about how Goodwill helped me to get a job and how they can help other people get jobs. I know they work with a lot of people every day trying to help them get work in the community.
I know that Goodwill is working really hard to help people like me to get jobs in the community. I am so happy to be working right now and the job coach from Goodwill that helps me is really important to me. I want to do my job well and keep my job. I think the Goodwill Employment Services team are doing their best to help people to get jobs as fast as they can.

Victor was recently nominated as a top ambassador at his job at Mercy Anderson by one of the doctors on staff. “We are so happy for Victor and pleased about his personal success and recognition,” said Matt Burnheimer, Employment Services Supervisor.

Last year, Ohio Valley Goodwill helped 947 people get jobs in the Greater Cincinnati community. Goodwill’s mission is to help put people to work and experience personal success. To find out more about Goodwill’s Employment Services programs, visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com