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Goodwill Can Help You Be a Shopping Super Hero This Back-to-School Season!

Even though it’s still summer, the Back-to-School shopping season has already begun. The good news is that Goodwill can help you be a Shopping Super Hero this year! Instead of making a mad dash for the mall, you and your kids can learn about helping the community by donating to and shopping at Goodwill ® for back to school. You can not only save money on back-to-school this year but also, provide a valuable lesson for your kids on the importance of donating no longer needed items and re-using trendy fashion favorites.

Reuse: Students can have an impact in the community during the back-to-school season in two ways. First, they can make room in their closets, bedrooms and backpacks and donate gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill, where their value will be turned into job training and placement programs for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. Second, by opting to purchase reused items for school, the value of what they buy also goes directly back into helping the community. Young shoppers can find everything from clothes and school supplies to bikes, electronics and sports equipment at their local Goodwill store.

With families now spending more than ever before on back-to-school shopping, it can certainly help to put off some of the purchases until later in the year. By returning to Goodwill throughout the school year, you can make sure you’re only buying items you really need (and you can probably get some of those must-have back-to-school items at deeply discounted prices in just a few months). Let Goodwill help you and your family become Shopping Super Heroes this Back-to-School season by helping you save money and purchase responsibly all at the same. It’ll be good for you, good for your kids and help people go to work in our community.. all by choosing to shop at Goodwill!

For a complete list of all 15 of our Goodwill store locations, visit www.goodwillbargains.com. Shop Goodwill this Back-to-School season and be a Shopping Super Hero!

Also, for our Ohio Shoppers, don’t forget the Sales Tax Holiday August 7th-9th on Back-to-School clothing and supplies!