Goodwill Can Help Cure Your Spring Fever!

SHOP spelled out with clothing and message Shop Goodwill After this very tough winter, we know that you are probably experiencing Spring Fever and we completely understand. Luckily, Goodwill can help! If you are looking for New to You fashions that can give you that fresh feeling of Spring, our display racks are filled with fun fashion styles just ready for your inspection. Inside tip: Spring and Summer fashions are hitting all 19 of our Goodwill stores on March 1st! The best part is, you can find forever fashions that cost a whole lot less than regular retail and maintain their look over time. For a complete directory of all 19 Goodwill store locations, visit Shorts and sleeveless top

Maybe, after being inside for so long, you realize that it’s time to start your Spring Cleaning and De-clutter. Again, Goodwill can help! We have 30 conveniently located Attended Donation Centers in the Greater Cincinnati area and our team will be more than happy to accept your generous donations of clothing, shoes, household goods, books, accessories and more. We can even offer you step-by-step tips to help you tidy up and get organized this Spring so that you and your home will have that Fresh Start feeling. Clean Out Plan for Spring

And, even if you need help with finding a new home for that old car sitting in your driveway, again Goodwill can help! Our Goodwill Auto Auction program will gratefully accept your donation; provide a free tow if necessary and handle all the paperwork…possibly, qualifying you for a tax advantage and the good feeling that comes of cleaning house and helping someone else at the same time. For more information about our Goodwill Auto Auction, visit

The best part about shopping and donating with Goodwill is that you are helping people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans go to work in the community. Annually, Ohio Valley Goodwill provides employment and training services to more than 3000 people a year and in 2019, helped almost 1000 to get jobs. Proceeds from sales of donated goods provides 90% of the important revenue needed to fulfill our 100+ year mission of service. Donations = Jobs for People

Thank you Greater Cincinnati for your support and let Goodwill help you cure your Spring Fever this year! Happy almost Spring!