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"Goodwill Beechmont Store Manager Brings A Little Joy to Local Family!"

Goodwill Beechmont Store Manager, Donna Clouse, became a guardian angel for one local family this weekend. In the process of sorting through donations, the store manager came across a photo album. Filled with family photos and even a lock of hair, Clouse knew the donation had to be mistake and invaluable to the person who lost it. Clouse took the initiative to go on Facebook and search for the person she had seen in the photo album.  Amazingly, she was able to find him and in the process locate his wife who lives in the Beechmont area. Please take a moment to view this fascinating, heart-warming story on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cincigoodwill

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Donna Clouse on her good deed which helped a local family and thanks WCPO for their coverage of this wonderful story. wcpo.jpg