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"Goodwill and STAR 64 Partner to Showcase HCMR/DD!"

L to R:Joan Hock, parent, Constance Brenneman, STAR 64, Tricia Ettinger, parent, Cheryl Phipps, Superintendent, HCMR/DD and Joe Byrum, OVGI President/CEO

Tuesday, October 20th marked the 3rd occasion that Ohio Valley Goodwill has welcomed back STAR 64 television to its corporate headquarters in the village of Woodlawn. STAR 64 ” At The Movies” co-host, Constance Brenneman had a special reason for this particular visit. Ohio Valley Goodwill and STAR 64 are teaming together to present an overview of Hamilton County Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Services (HCMR/DD) and explain the importance of their upcoming Levy.

The STAR 64 piece will include 7 different segments which will feature individuals served by the organization, parents of participants, Goodwill staff, and very special guest, HCMR/DD Superintendent Cheryl Phipps. The purpose of the STAR 64 taping is to provide a community education and outreach tool for viewers about the vital role of Hamilton County MR/DD, the importance of their upcoming Levy, and long-time partnership with Ohio Valley Goodwill and the thousands of individuals with disabilities that MR/DD serves.

L to R: Lois Kramer, CARE Supervisor, Zack Ettinger, Tricia Ettinger and Constance Brenneman, STAR 64

” We wanted to provide this opportunity for HCMR/DD to appeal to the Greater Cincinnati community about the critical need to Vote Yes on Issue 5,” explained Joe Byrum, OVGI President and CEO. The levy only appears on the ballot every 5 years and was last passed in 2004. Passage of this essential levy provides more than 73% of the funding needed to support the 8000 individuals with disabilities that HCMR/DD currently serves.

The STAR 64 piece will air on Sunday, November 1st during its ” At The Movies” presentation, 2 days before the election on Tuesday, November 3rd. Tune in to watch on November 1st and please vote Yes on Issue 5 on Tuesday, November 3rd.