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"Goodwill Actors Film 2010 TV Commercials!"

Michael Flannery with Goodwill ” actors”: L to R: Stephanie Mitchell, Samantha Woolery, Rear, John Hock, Michael Flannery, Kristine Agoston. Thursday, April 29th marked the occasion for the filming  of the 2010 Goodwill mission television commercials at Cincinnati State University. Annually, Goodwill’s team of “actors” participate in a full day filming session on the college campus helping to create the content for the series of Goodwill mission commercials that will be aired on network television throughout the year. The ads focus on the importance of donating to Goodwill’s car auction and the “actors” help to explain the benefits that they receive as a result of those donations.

Joe Walter with Goodwill ” actors”: L to R: Kristine Agoston, Samantha Woolery, Stephanie Mitchell, Rear: John Nusekabel, John Hock, Jesse Walker, with Joe Walter. Goodwill Public Information Officer Michael Flannery and long-time celebrity spokesperson Joe Walter along with Mike McConnell are featured in the ads alongside the various “actors” involved in this year’s campaign. The 2010 effort was noteworthy because the filming involved parents and family members for the first time. “Goodwill is so pleased that our participants and families feel so good about our programs and services that they are willing to share their thoughts with the Greater Cincinnati community,” said Leslie McCurley, Asst. DD Services Director. The series of 2010 television commercials will begin airing mid-summer and continue through the holiday season. Stay tuned for future posting announcements regarding your chance to view the new spots on YouTube once they have debuted on TV.