Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
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Give Your Donations a Second Life at Goodwill


Is it time to declutter your closet? Whether you have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear or you simply want to make room for some new items, there’s never a wrong time to get organized and clean your closet. But what should you do with that pile of clothes you no longer need? We think the answer is easy! Take your gently used items to Goodwill and give your donations a second life while helping your community.

When you donate your clothing, accessories, and other household items to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re not only clearing out clutter, but you’re also making a positive impact on your local community. Your donations to Goodwill are sold in our retail stores at value prices, where they’ll be purchased by someone who can give them a second life.

The proceeds from our retail stores go on to help fund Goodwill’s job training and other services for individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment. The funds generated from just one donation allow Goodwill to help people in your community achieve independence, find meaningful employment and experience a better quality of life.

Your donations to Goodwill also make a positive impact on the planet! By choosing to donate to Goodwill instead of throwing your reusable items away, you’re helping to keep millions of pounds of clothing and household items from clogging our area’s landfills.

As you can see, your good deed goes a long way at Goodwill. From providing your neighbors with access to affordable goods to creating jobs to keeping landfills free from recyclable items, your donation goes much further at Goodwill.

Thanks to generous donations from people in the community just like you, Ohio Valley Goodwill is able to continue providing vocational training and job support services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Last year alone, Ohio Valley Goodwill served 3418 individuals including 852 veterans and helped place 917 individuals in employment.

If you’re ready to declutter your closet, we encourage you to take any gently used clothing and household goods to your nearest Goodwill and give your donations a second life! Ohio Valley Goodwill makes it easy and convenient to donate clothing in Cincinnati. View our extensive list of retail stores and donation sites in Cincinnati and surrounding areas and become a job creator in your community today!