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Get a Fresh Start with an End of Summer Clean-Out

Now that the hustle and bustle of summer has come to an end and the kids are back at school, you might realize your house needs some freshening up for the fall season ahead. It’s a great feeling to walk into a well-organized home, and tackling any hard-to-clean areas now will mean there’s less on your plate as you get ready for the holidays!

Start your end of summer clean-out with these helpful tips:

Switch out your décor

There’s something about the first autumn chill in the air that inspires us to start ” nesting” and making our homes a bit cozier. Take stock of your current decorations such as wreaths, candles, vases, throw pillows, and wall art. Do you envision using these pieces next year? If not, don’t bother keeping them in storage “”  donate them to Goodwill!

Decorative pink bottles at Goodwill

Home decor from Goodwill!

Someone else will appreciate your gently-used pieces, and you’ll have more room for new decorations. Plus, every item you donate to Goodwill will help support job seekers reach their goals and achieve employment success. That’s something worth celebrating!

Get organized! Donate and make a difference in your community

Donate to Goodwill and make a difference in your community

Organize closets

As the seasons shift, you’ll also need to change out your summer wardrobe for warmer garments. Instead of stashing away all your summer clothes, sort through each item one by one and decide if it is worth holding onto until next year. Then, donate any unused or gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to Goodwill. Even if your summer clothes are in less-than-perfect condition, Goodwill will accept your donations! We take your pre-loved items and sell them in our retail stores at affordable prices to support training and employment services for local job seekers with disabilities.

Clean up the garage

Maybe you told yourself you would get around to cleaning the garage out this summer, but all that fun in the sun got in the way. That’s okay! Now that the kids are heading back to school, it’s a good time to tackle the garage and reclaim all of that valuable storage space.

Silver 2009 Ford Fusion at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Donated car at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Start by pulling out any cars, bikes, scooters, storage bins, and other large items. This will make the garage seem less overwhelming when you begin cleaning it out. Then, create three piles “” one for the items you want to keep, one for trash, and one for things you can donate. Work your way around each corner of the garage and place items into these designated piles.

Ohio Valley Goodwill gladly accepts donations of sporting goods, small electronics, seasonal décor and Halloween costumes, and even donated cars for our Goodwill Auto Auction!

Get started today!

When you decide to donate your gently-used items to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re making a smart choice for your home, the planet, and your community. It’s quick and easy to donate to Goodwill any time of year, so don’t wait to drop off your donations!

Learn more about donating to Ohio Valley Goodwill and find your nearest donation center to make a difference in your community today.