Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Employment Services, Ohio Valley Goodwill Delivers

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides individuals with the work skills they need in order to help them become contributing members of the workforce.  Ensuring individuals with disabilities have access to community employment is a core mission of Goodwill. It is through the generous support of the Greater Cincinnati community that Goodwill’s ability to put people to work is possible. Donations to Goodwill are sold in the organization’s retail stores and the revenue is then used to provide skill training and help people like Paul get jobs.  See how Goodwill’s employment programs have impacted the life of one young man seeking out employment services in Hamilton County.



Paul: ” Ok, my name is Paul Hampton. I am currently working at Smokin’ Bones. It’s my first year at Smokin’ Bones. Goodwill helped me when I was at my lowest “” when I got laid off at my job”¦ I did it for two years until I got laid off. Goodwill came in and helped me get a job in the community. I work very hard and, thanks to Goodwill’s program, they have really helped me get a lot of skills I didn’t know I didn’t have. Most importantly, if your work with them you can accomplish any feat or any dream that matters. Thanks to the special support of the people around here and the facilitators. They can really help you get a job that you need.”