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First-Ever “Goodwill Earth Day Electronics Recycling Celebration” Event a Huge Success!

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The first-ever “Goodwill Earth Day Electronics Recycling Celebration” took place on Sunday, April 27th on a gloriously beautiful Spring day. Held at Ohio Valley Goodwill’s headquarters location in the village of Woodlawn in partnership with recycling vendor, E-Waste Systems, the day-long event welcomed a whole new group of donors to the organization and its mission. Several hundred excited visitors were delighted to learn that Goodwill accepts electronic donations and is committed to recycling responsibly in partnership with the Greater Cincinnati community. More than 20,000 lbs. of old computers, towers, monitors, keyboards, outdated digital equipment and even TV’s were donated to Goodwill during the 1st-time event. Annually, Goodwill recycles more than 43,000,000 lbs. of donated materials, successfully diverting it from area landfills. Recently, the organization entered into partnership with E-Waste Systems, an e-steward recycling organization, and as a result, the collaborative electronics donation drive effort was launched.

“Our hope was to help bring awareness to the Greater Cincinnati community that Ohio Valley Goodwill has long been an environmental steward and when donors choose to donate their unwanted electronics and other items to Goodwill, that they are choosing to recycle responsibly,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. The majority of the donors that chose to participate in the 1st-ever drive, had no idea that Goodwill accepted donations of electronic items or about its almost 100 year commitment to re-using, re-purposing and recycling. “It really provided us with a wonderful opportunity to educate our community a little more about Goodwill and why its so important to donate their unwanted items to us,” said Vanessa Cornett, Donations Supervisor.

The Earth Day-themed Electronics Recycling Celebration provided the opportunity for both Ohio Valley Goodwill donations and retail team members to work closely with staff from E-Waste Systems on raising awareness of the vital importance of donors choosing to recycle in ways that help to preserve our planet. “The best part about making a donation to Goodwill is that it’s a win-win for everyone,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. “Items are responsibly recycled and the proceeds from donations are used to support the organization’s mission of putting people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to work in our community.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill is happy to accept donations of electronics,  household items and even cars  at any its 15 stores and 29 donation centers throughout the Greater Cincinnati area every day of the week. For a complete list of convenient donation locations, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate. Our thanks to the Greater Cincinnati community for their wonderful support of this 1st-ever Earth Day Electronics Recycling Celebration and E-Waste Systems for their invaluable support. Please remember that when you choose to donate to Goodwill, you are choosing to recycle responsibly. Please donate Today!

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