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Employment Outsourcing: What Are “Industrial Services,” Anyway?

The Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services Division provides crucial outsourcing services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Recently, however, we made several changes to our website to make it more clear what services we provide. The core focus of the Industrial Services Division is on providing Packaging Services, Assembly Services, Kitting Services and Fulfillment Services in Cincinnati. We also provide outsourced janitorial services and other outsourcing services to businesses in Cincinnati.

That tells you what outsourcing service offerings we consider to be Industrial Services, but it doesn’t explain the deeper meaning behind the name. We do more than simply offer Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky businesses an opportunity to hire outsourced labor, we truly serve the businesses with whom we partner. Manufacturing and delivering goods is a complex ordeal. It is more than enough to occupy the mind of even the best business owner. With so much to think about, many enterprises never find time to consider their second bottom line: what they give back to Cincinnati’s communities.

The idea of giving back can be frustrating to business owners. No one is offering them charity, after all. But, Ohio Valley Goodwill offers something different for industrial operations in Cincinnati: the opportunity to make a wise business decision that is backed by an enduring sense of mission. When businesses partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division for assembly, packaging, kitting or fulfillment, they give employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. These hardworking individuals are proud of their jobs and the work they do for local businesses. They work harder than any other outsourced employees in Cincinnati, and the results of their efforts speak for themselves. Plus, Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit. Our bottom-line isn’t dependent on making an extra buck off our business partners, it is the number of individuals we can help.

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