Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
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Despite COVID-19, Goodwill’s Mission Goes On

For more than a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been about putting people to work in the Greater Cincinnati community. And despite the COVID-19 virus, Goodwill’s mission continues. Goodwill takes great pride in the employment success of many of the individuals the organization serves. Through its long-time partnership with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), Goodwill helped place 877 individuals into community employment last year. While the current COVID-19 mandated closures devastated many employers and resulted in the lay-off of valued employees, many people were able to retain their jobs. Goodwill’s Job Coaching team was right there to provide needed supports to these employees.

Job Coaching or Work Site Supports includes the following:

  • Short-term one-on-one supports on the job to assist with job training, understanding the rules and expectations of the workplace and working with the employer and co-workers.
  • Short-term away off-site supports, where our staff can meet with individuals outside of the workplace.
  • For individuals sponsored by Developmental Disabilities Boards (DD), on-going supports can be provided several times each month for as long as individuals are employed. This can occur at the work-site, after work, or at the person’s home.
  • Assistance in helping individuals to learn public transportation.
  • Help with job accommodations as needed.
  • Assisting with pre-employment needs as needed.

Goodwill is pleased that so many individuals were able to retain their employment positions during the current crisis and glad that our Job Coaching team was able to support their continued work situation.      ” I think it’s wonderful that we are supporting so many employees who are considered as ” essential” and working in partnership with local companies. Our coaches are so incredible- they are working hard to help folks maintain their jobs in the community during this tough time,” said Chelsea Combs, Asst. Director of Employment Services. ” The other crucial support aspect our Coaches are currently offering is information about health and safety practices and making sure that the employees understand their employer’s expectations in this regard.” added Combs.

Another important part of Goodwill’s array of essential services which continues despite the COVID-19 crisis, is its supports of our nation’s veterans. For more than thirty years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has provided services for military men and women who need help with getting a job, securing a living situation and related assistance to attain self-sufficiency. Historically, Goodwill serves more than 500 veterans per year and assists a significant percentage to obtain jobs.

The organization also offers a Transitional Dormitory at its main campus in Woodlawn which can serve up to 15 male veterans who are currently struggling with homelessness. The veterans are able to stay for 90 days while Goodwill’s team of Case Managers work with them to secure permanent housing and employment.

Additionally, Goodwill’s service options includes a follow-along case management service through its Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program which provides on-going support for people once they attain employment and housing in the larger community.

” Services are still being offered/provided in the Dorm and with our HVRP Team. We are currently operating at full capacity. We are using existing relationships with landlords and employers to continue this very essential program in our community to move our Veterans toward permanent housing and permanent employment,” said Susie Skeens, Veterans Services Grant Manager.

To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s comprehensive array of Employment and Veterans services, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.

We are very grateful to the Greater Cincinnati community for your on-going support, especially during these difficult times, which enables our mission of service to continue.