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Deck the Halls for Less with Goodwill Finds!

Feeling full of the holiday spirit and want your home to show it for all to see? One-stop shopping at your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill retail store is the key to turning all your tinsel-filled dreams into reality!

Here’s how you can deck the halls for less with Goodwill finds:

Trim the Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, get started with the star of the show: the tree. It’s possible to find faux trees of all sorts at Goodwill, and ornaments too. If you’ve always wanted to create a themed tree, but you don’t want to spend big dollars on all new ornaments, think about giving gently used items a second chance at the holidays. You’ll be able to build a unique tree all on your own for much less than if you had started from scratch.

Add Festive Details

Goodwill’s shelves are also stocked with figurines, wreaths, and other decorations to turn your home into a holiday paradise that would put the North Pole to shame. These things are pretty pricey brand-new, but since the holidays are timeless, you can find some great gently-used items for much less at your local Goodwill store.

Goodwill collage with text: "DIY Gifts Made From Thrifted Knitwear"

DIY Knitwear Gifts

Glass jars from Goodwill

Glass Jars from Goodwill

DIY for the Holidays

If you’re crafty, you know a DIY holiday will not only save you money; it’s also fun to create something new out of everyday items! On your next Goodwill shopping trip, look for books you can wrap with craft paper to create a classic decorative piece. Another idea is to fill Mason jars with battery-operated twinkle lights to cast a subtle, magical light on your holiday scene. Knitwear from Goodwill is also a wonderfully cozy material to repurpose for all sorts of holiday décor, from stockings to coffee mug holders!

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Give Lights a New Life

As you unbox the holiday décor you already have on hand, there’s one other Goodwill secret you should keep in your back pocket. It seems that no matter how well you store them, there’s always one strand of lights that flicker out the moment you plug them in. Don’t throw them away! Take them with you to donate before your next Goodwill shopping trip. Ohio Valley Goodwill will accept and either resell or recycle your old string lights. That’s a holiday saver!

The holidays will be here before we know it, so plan your shopping trip to Goodwill sooner rather than later. Locate your nearest Goodwill retail store today! Or, if holiday decorating has you bogged down, you can always search for holiday décor at ShopGoodwill.com/OH and browse Ohio Valley Goodwill finds from the comfort of your couch!