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A Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Showcase- The Kristine Agoston Story!

Kristine Agoston

Kristine Agoston

“My name is Kristine Agoston. I went to Lakota West High School and graduated in 2006. I went to the CARE program at Goodwill after I graduated. I came to the CARE program because I thought it was very nice. We go out to eat at restaurants and go shopping at the store. I also like cooking classes. I’ve been in TV commercials for Goodwill and that was so much fun. I also was in a Fashion Show in front of lots of people which was very exciting. I also get to go to Twin Towers and talk to the people that live there. This is part of my chance to help out in the community. In CARE, we do lots of things- everything from watching movies to petting the pet therapy dog Layla when she visits. I like to work with Ashley and Lois who are staff in the CARE program. They are very nice. I also like working with Michael Flannery at Goodwill- he’s nice, too.”

Kristine Agoston has been a part of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) for the past  9 years and has really made an impression in every activity with which she has been involved.

As part of the many opportunities that are offered through the CARE program, Kristine has over the years, been an actor for Goodwill’s television commercials, a model for the 2009 ” What Matters Most” Fashion Show, a participant in the annual Flying Pig Marathon as well as an official greeter for the annual Celebrity Golf Outing. In addition, Kristine has the chance weekly to choose community activities that she wishes to be a part of”“ whether it’s purely for fun, like going to the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory -or as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.

” Kristine has such a vibrant personality and wonderful smile that she instantly becomes a favorite everywhere we go,” said Lois Kramer, CARE program Supervisor. Kristine’s mother, Peggy, thinks that the CARE program has been a wonderful part of Kristine’s life. ” We couldn’t be more thrilled about all of the many experiences that Kristine has had since being part of the CARE program. We like to see her involved in such a meaningful way in the community as well as seeing her so happy every day,” added Agoston.

When asked about her thoughts about the CARE program, Kristine’s comments were simply ” I love it! It’s so much fun!” accompanied by her huge smile.

The CARE program is designed to promote personal development and community involvement for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our thanks to Kristine and her mom, Peggy, for their willingness to share Kristine’s story in honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Week! To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s award-winning programs and services for people with disabilities, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.