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Your Clothing Donation Helps Cincinnati – #7DaysOfSpringCleaning: Day One

Nothing helps put the cold of winter behind you like a bit of Spring cleaning. Ohio Valley Goodwill wants to make that cleaning easy by taking your unneeded possessions and turning them into local jobs. Today, we’re launching our Seven Days of Spring Cleaning campaign to help inspire you. Each day, we’ll announce a new spring cleaning theme, complete with sage advice on how to choose which items to donate. We’ll declutter your brain by suggesting donations, and you can de-clutter your life without stressing about what to keep and what to pass on for someone else to enjoy.  Then, upload photos of yourself, your donation or your freshly cleaned space with #7DaysOfSpringCleaning to your favorite social network, and get the satisfaction of telling the world that you bettered yourself and your community at the same time.


Day 1: Clear Your Closet Clutter

Changing seasons mean changing clothes, and changing clothes mean changing fashions. Take this chance to reinvent yourself and reinvigorate the Cincinnati region by donating some of your old clothes. Once you start donating your old clothes, we bet you will find the process more exciting than you expected. Maybe it isn’t only your sense of style that has changed over the Winter; perhaps you are emerging from winter as an entirely new and better person. While you clean your closet, take time to reflect. The past six months of frigid weather may have seemed to last an eternity, but life is speeding ever onward. As we zip toward Spring, a time of renewal, ask yourself what you can do to make this the best season of your life. Then, drop off your old clothes at an Ohio Valley Goodwill donation site. That is a good first step.

Don’t forget to tag your donation pics with #7DaysOfSpringCleaning!